Horse update is live

Published on October 3, 2016

Whatsup guys!

It is finally time for the horse update (patch 0.0.5)! I know you guys have been waiting to claim your founder pack horse for a while. I am sorry it took some time longer then expected but I really wanted to include a hunger system for the horses at launch :)

I used the storage to share out the founder rewards just like the land flag for gold founders. You will find your horse ticket waiting in your storage. I also added the "Horse Vendor" to Okura Village where you buy extra horses with gold.

Let's talk a little about the horse mechanics. Before you guys jump into your storage and spawn your new friend, it is important to know that you have to take care of him/her. Unlike your character, your horse will stay in the world even if you are offline! This means that when you log out (with your horse) in a public or unprotected area, it's likely that your horse will get killed or stolen by other people. Now I hear you saying: 'So what if I dismount in the middle of the market square, will people steal my horse?'. Well, yes and no... When you dismount from your horse, a timer kicks in which gives your horse an anti-theft protection for 5 minutes. So it's possible to hop off your horse to sell some stuff but be sure to get back to it within 5 minutes to make sure no one steals it!

So going offline while your horse is in town or wilderness is no option. It is recommended that you only use your horse ticket once you have a decent settlement with an enclosure. With the update also came the stables which is a new building for you to craft. It is specially made for the horses and contains a big door where you can ride trough. Although I recommend a stable for your horse, it is also possible to make your own enclosure using wooden walls and a gate ;)

The next thing is hunger. Make sure you craft a feeding trough for your horse (or buy one at the horse vendor), just like your character, your horse can die of starvation (even when your offline)! You can add wheat or rice to the feeding trough and all horses nearby will automatically eat from it once they are near it. Please remember that even when you are offline, the horses still need food! To leave a horse well fed, it's important to know they need at least 1 wheat or rice an hour. So when you want your horse to survive for 12 hours, make sure the feeding trough contains atleast 12 wheat or rice.

The feeding trough also has a visual indicator of how much food is in it as you can see in the screenshots above. A single feeding trough can store up to 100 wheat or rice.

Hope you like it guys! And remember this is the first implementation of the horses so expect some bugs and future changes/improvements.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!



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ouch... so having a horse for someone who can be offline for days to a few weeks is not feasable I guess?

by Trenjeska on November 4, 2016 11:30 AM
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