Bandit Invasion Patch 0.3 Out Now!

Published on March 6, 2023

What's up guys!

I am very happy to announce that patch 0.3 also known as the "Bandit Invasion" has been released and is now available! This update promises to bring a whole new level of excitement and adventure to the game.

Face off against dangerous bandit camps that have invaded the lands of Kushiro. Fight bandit bosses, collect magical enhancement stones to enhance your gear, new animal AI and sound effects, an offline sleeper system, new craftables, and much more!

You can read all details in my previous blog:

Patch Notes

To get a full overview of the changes I did have a look at the patch notes:

Patch 0.3

  • (Added) Randomly spawned bandit NPC camps with varying difficulty levels
  • (Added) Sleeper system that will make your character a persistent object in the game world which means your character stays in-game even when you are offline
  • (Added) Food buff system that will give temporal upgrades for a certain amount of time
  • (Added) Interactive respawn map with global respawn areas and visual bed information
  • (Added) Trading Wagons roaming the map which sell a limited supply of random goods every hour. They will also buy and repair your items
  • (Added) Bandit camp spawn pop-up alert
  • (Added) Enhancement system for weapons, tools and armor that will enhance stats and upgrade the item from common > uncommon > rare > epic > legendary
  • (Added) Wild bees
  • (Added) Craftable bandages that will recover health upon use
  • (Added) Craftable enhancement station
  • (Added) Craftable bee house
  • (Added) Craftable fermenting station
  • (Added) Craftable weapon rack
  • (Added) Craftable armor stand
  • (Added) Craftable chair
  • (Added) Craftable bug net
  • (Added) Craftable primitive bed
  • (Added) Craftable comfortable bed
  • (Added) Wild flowers farm plot
  • (Added) Green tea farm plot
  • (Added) New armor set
  • (Added) New cooking recipes
  • (Added) Brewing profession
  • (Added) Live locations of bandit camps on the world map
  • (Added) Live locations of trading wagons on the world map
  • (Added) Object/building placement effect
  • (Added) Five extra action bar slots
  • (Added) Basic sound effects for all animals
  • (Added) Basic horse swimming animation
  • (Added) Walk/wander animations for all animals
  • (Added) New arrow sounds
  • (Added) Option to hide the guide panel when you login
  • (Added) Option in graphics settings to limit the FPS
  • (Added) Option in graphics settings to set the field of view
  • (Improvement) Removed Okura Village because a 'safe zone' no longer suits the game with a sleeper system
  • (Improvement) Registering a new clan can now be done using the clan panel while you are not in a clan
  • (Improvement) Updated item icons and slots
  • (Improvement) Updated user interface for the chat and actionbar
  • (Improvement) Reworked animal AI
  • (Improvement) Reworked several animal animations
  • (Improvement) Animal attacks can be evaded and will also give a knockback
  • (Improvement) Chickens now drop 'Raw Chicken' instead of 'Raw Meat'
  • (Improvement) Updated background on the world map
  • (Improvement) Removed the 'no-build' zone
  • (Improvement) Several building mechanic improvements
  • (Improvement) Updated item tooltip with improved design and better 'right-click to' information depending on which panel is open
  • (Improvement) Removed the town storage which is now functioning as a founder rewards panel to claim rewards. You can access it by typing '/rewards'
  • (Improvement) Removed the logout timer as it no longer serves a function with a sleeper system
  • (Improvement) Center the camera behind the player when they spawn
  • (Improvement) Beds will auto-claim when placed
  • (Improvement) Updated object destroy particle and sync
  • (Improvement) Hide the clouds when you enter top view for flag placement
  • (Improvement) Lowered music volume
  • (Improvement) Interface scale slider is more sensitive which means you can now enlargen the interface even further
  • (Improvement) Better readable damage labels
  • (Balance) Increased the max amount of placable beds to eight
  • (Balance) Increased wooden log output for all trees
  • (Balance) Lowered wood cost for lots of recipes
  • (Balance) Increased sidewards and backwards walking speed
  • (Balance) Melee damage has been reduced on structures with a tier higher than one and scales further down according to the tier level
  • (Balance) Reduced the material cost of gunpowder by 40%
  • (Balance) Animals will now only drop one hide
  • (Balance) Balanced all item prices based on raw crafting materials and conversion amount
  • (Balance) Added a short timer before energy will regenerate after hitting or sprinting
  • (Balance) Swimming will now cost energy and running out of energy will make you drown slowly
  • (Balance) Rebalanced xp rewards
  • (Fix) Mining a rock while standing on it causes a teleporting bug
  • (Fix) Item duplication bug while trading
  • (Fix) You can trade with yourself
  • (Fix) Durability never decreases on a fishing pole
  • (Fix) Durability never decreases on a hoe
  • (Fix) Durability never decreases on a weapon when hitting another player
  • (Fix) Horses eat from the small feeding trough
  • (Fix) The large feeding trough won't update the visual content when a horse eats from it
  • (Fix) Attempting to shoot a bow without arrows equipped will still drain energy
  • (Fix) Reclaiming a large number of objects with a clan land flag will bug flag placement
  • (Fix) Clan land flag taxes can only be paid by the clan leader
  • (Fix) Trying to message a player from the clan roster using right-mouse > message doesn't work
  • (Fix) You hear terrain footsteps when walking inside a house

See you in-game!



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