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SamuTale, an open world
sandbox survival MMORPG

SamuTale is a multiplayer open world sandbox survival game with village building, player housing, farming & livestock, full-loot PVP, realtime tree and plant growing, crafting and much more!

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Clan vs Clan warfare

Your village is always in danger as other clans may want to plunder your village or expand their territory. Therefore, clan vs clan warfare is something you’ll find quite often in SamuTale.

Your clan must work together to build up a good defense, gather resources to craft armor and weapons, grow food to feed your people and livestock, form alliances and rule the lands of Kushiro.

Build a village wherever you want

In most multiplayer sandbox games, you’ll find building limited to certain areas or designated places. We wanted to go back to the original meaning of the term ‘sandbox’, and let you decide where you want to build.

Start or join a samurai clan and leave your mark in a highly persistent open world with almost no boundaries. Your clan can build its own village from the ground up including player housing, village walls, farming and livestock.

Hack & slash style action combat

Tired of tab target based combat, spamming skills and rotations? In SamuTale you’ll find neither of these, as we implemented a hack & slash style action combat system were you have to aim your sword or bow to hit your target.

With this feature you’ll need to dodge or block your opponent’s attacks making it a skill based fight rather than having the best gear or skill rotation.

Farming & Livestock

Your character will need food to be able to survive in the world. Aside from hunting wild animals and catching fish you can also start your own farm. SamuTale features a dynamic farming system with a realtime grow cycle for all crops.

Keep and breed livestock to generate extra food and resources including horses for traveling purposes.

Development Blog

Livestock development update February 13, 2018 0

Livestock development update

Whats up guys! It has been some time, I know. But don't worry, progress is still being made and I have awesome plans for 2018! I wanted to make this blog to give you guys some insights on...

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New world & bronze founder access! July 17, 2017 2

New world & bronze founder access!

Whats up guys! SamuTale has reached another milestone with the release of a brand new world which is (if my calculations are correct) ten times as big as the previous one. Not only did I made the...

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New world launch date! July 8, 2017 0

New world launch date!

What's up guys! I finally have a date for you all. The world migration will take place on July 16th, 2017! It has been quite a ride and it was definitely no easy task. Like always, it was a...

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