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i wouldn't mind seeing some class milestone gear at earlier levels.. For adventuring or crafting.. Like say around whatever level the player has the game basics under control.Ttheir class trainer hints that  they have made great progress and they are ready to prove themselves. They only need to acquire x and y ingredients and either forge them themselves or take them  to a certain renown and not necessarily easily found crafter that makes them a sword or something special.. I'm not a fan of bind on equip items.. But maybe this one is and that's what's special about it or maybe it's the first weapon able to kill a problematic monster in the next area immune to other weapons and they will need it to progress. Maybe they can even name it. Thanks,


25 Mar 2016, 16:15Reply

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Hmm interesting idea but royall doesn't want "classes" in his game he wants us to be free doing whatever you want but with class trainers is bit different and you could train in few trainers in that what you want to do mining,fishing,crafting,hunting something like that and naming crafted weapons or armor sounds cool too but as i said beginning royall doesn't want us to be limited by classes but i dunno really man himself must something about this :) but to me it sounds really great 

25 Mar 2016, 16:31Reply
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