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I remember this game being something that would have been worth playing if the Dev decided to take a loan and work full time on the game, and get people in working on it. We had a whole bunch of people playing at prime time 2020, wish the Dev realised he could have blown the indea market wide open with this, just needed way more drive behind it than "well I will get to it as and when I can as a side project."   Hope to see this game return in the future, but really needs a huge content dump, and when I say huge I mean as in 5x the amount of things to do in the game, because you can grind out end game items in a few days if you have the spare time and then you are left wondering what to do with your time. Last I heard of this game bandit camps were nearly completed but not added to the game and I dont see any updates on content since then so I assume the Dev really did just not care that he had a diamond in his hands. 

11 Feb 2022, 00:14Reply
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