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Been playing for a bit now, and got some minor suggestions.  Just simple stuff really, though it could spell for big changes with the game.

1.) The island gets pretty crowded, pretty quickly.  Especially with clans that have 2, 3, maybe 4 flags and massive claimed areas.  So maybe have a 'clan only' flag for clan bases; and limit the clans to one of those per clan.  So sure, you might still have the flags to claim home areas, but that's not clan related. A clan can 'protect' that area though.

2.) Make the island larger by, oh, half again size wise. 

3.) Boats would be nice. Add functionality with the nets so you can use them for fishing.

4.) Around the 'spawn city' or castle, there's a no build area to force people to spread out. Why not expand upon that and create 'sanctuary' areas. Essentially meaning areas where building is allowed, but raiding or pvp isn't. Those areas would naturally be smaller, but could encourage development of cities, or waystations.

5.) Allow players to set up their own 'stores' and sell what they produce. This could work with 4, in that a player might choose to specialize in producing swords and armor, or food, and selling to other players.

6.) Maybe add a second island that can only be reached by a boat, or really long swim. 

7.) For aesthetics, it might be nice to dot a couple of 'shrines' around the map. Places where players can respawn, as opposed to just the town or their bed. Especially helpful for new players that wander into bear territory.

8.) Foxes... please. Just please!

9.) More clothing types. Maybe just cosmetic, but Kimonos would be nice.

10.) More weapon variety, such as pole weapons or spears. Does less damage than a sword, but has a better range.

11.) Sake and Beer. We need this, just trust me on that.

12.) More options for low walls. Give us another use for stone.

13.) Wood storage?  Basically a dedicated early build thing that only holds firewood. Think a big chest but able to hold oh 600 wood.

14.) Sushi or sashimi. Doesn't return much food, but would allow for an early food option, without needing a campfire.

15.) Bait for fishing.

16.) More water? Maybe a river or something.

17.) Bridges. Wood and stone variants, mostly cosmetic, but could help some.

18.) Actual roads, or the option to build them with stone. Maybe with some existing ones in the game world.  Makes it easier to give directions to new players. IE: If you go south on the road, you will reach xyz. Careful the west road leads to bear country.  OR: My house is halfway down the east road, on the right side of it.


07 Nov 2020, 17:26Reply
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