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Dear Royall,


Thank you for working on the game, it's good to see that the game is still progressing! The game is really easy to start with as a beginner. And I really like the music! Please find below some random ideas and suggestions that I came across while playing the free demo this month.


General non-game related stuff

  • Please always offer the free trial for anyone. More people = more engagement = more bug reports :)  Of course, you can decide to limit the player's level, the profession levels and prevent free users from joining a clan.
  • Why do I have to fill in my password every time I launch the game?

General game stuff

  • Some places are very desolated (no trees & stones) so it makes that region very 'boring' and 'unuseful'. Perhaps you can add some more vegetation there
  • Why is my horse able to swim? Pretty unrealistic. It would make horses also slightly less OP
  • Add rain
  • Add fall damage for falling from large heights
  • Add an option for sorting the content in crates


  • Your character cuts a tree at a particular height, but the tree animation (when the tree falls down) is cut off at another height.
  • A falling tree is seomtimes acting too much like a bouncing ball.
  • The tree textures are very nice, but the bark of the tree is a bit plain/mono-colour. Perhaps you can add some variation
  • I saw trees with green leaves in the ice part of the world. That is not a real problem, but you should add snow on the leaves!
  • A fallen tree is removed within +-10 seconds and the part of the tree that still remains in the ground disappears in +- 20 seconds. It would be cooler if you could also 'loot' this part of the tree (and that the fallen tree & last part don't disappear without you cleaning it up)
  • If a tree falls unto you, you should get damage
  • Add bushes which you cannot pass through
  • Add a 'desert' biome with cacti and scorpions!
  • Add a 'savannah' biome with acacia trees, lions, elephants and herds of antelopes

Farming & Food

  • Plowed land is very recognisable, but is a little odd compared to the other graphics
  • Obtaining food is very easy compared to the rest of the game. Perhaps you can drain the 'food' bar a little quicker?
  • The food bar may drain quicker while being in the snow biome
  • The probability of getting seeds from bushes is too high
  • The probability of getting back seeds from farming is too high (now 100%)
  • Do my vegetables grow at night? That's weird.
  • Can you grow vegetables in the snow biome? I hope not :)
  • Why do I get farming points for sowing seeds but not for harvesting?
  • Add fruit trees


  • If you are fishing, and you want to pull back the fishing line, there is no animation. It looks pretty strange to me.
  • Make fishing more engaging. For example, I went fishing in the ocean and there was not a single fish?
  • Make boats, such that you can fish from your boat


  • Make the minimap in the top-right and the general map under M blind, until you visit that particular place. That makes exploring much more fun
  • Let the minimap distinguish between particular biomes more clearly
  • Add flags to the map


  • It would be nice to tame rabbits
  • You can also add pheasants that can be tamed
  • Let wild animals eat your crops (can be protected by a fence)


I might add more while playing. Keep up the good work!

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"Why is my horse able to swim? Pretty unrealistic. It would make horses also slightly less OP"

Because riding swimming horses is actually a thing?




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