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Can someone give me a short "what you should know at the start" summary?
For instance I don't know how or where to sell stuff. 
Other important things I need to know? How much of a risk is pvp on the server?

Im used to survival so I got the crafting down. Bed or house first? 
Seems like a bed is a necessity for spawning? I do feel like the map is pretty crowded, had to walk a long way to find a little spot. (Not to mention tripping over all the campfires :P

23 Sep 2020, 09:53Reply

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Hi Indie, don't want to spoil it for you as discovery is part of the fun, but here are a few common tips I picked up.

  • The village is the only place in game where you can sell stuff, or get items fixed.
  • If you die you spawn in the center of the village, coincidentally this is also the only "safe place" in the game from PVP
  • Food is critical and constant - it becomes less of a hassle at higher tiers
  • Big camps = big clans, and those people will scout around for other nearby camps
  • Walls = resources, nature can sometimes do the heavy lifting for you

Those are the early game pointers I would give anyone starting out. If you have crafting down then that's 90% of the game right there. Good luck!

23 Sep 2020, 15:38Reply

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Thank you SamuRye. I happened to run into Calyx who's been a big help. 
Hope my little area survives till I get all of the walls done.
It's a fun game, I like it! 

23 Sep 2020, 17:43Reply
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