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Here is a list of development ideas, starting with most functionally important and leading to most fun.

  • Iron standing lanterns turn on/off to the day and night cycles. Or pressing E to toggle on/off rather then opening each lantern and selecting On or Off
  • Being able to lock T2 storage chests and above, it can only be locked by the person who made the item (manage permissions selection and select to self only) Basically creating personal storage within clans
  • Doing the same thing with horses - PVP would be the exception and not sure how we could reconcile the two, but worth thinking about
  • Expanded points on the map - showing where your base is
  • Being able to add weapons and armor to training dummies
  • Clan Alliances and Trade functionality
    • I'm thinking of a market stall in the main village where clans can trade - clan members only!
    • This would work really well if resources were more narrowed down to specific biomes
    • Founder's can designate trade items for coins from other players to help pay Flag taxes faster
    • Coins cannot be traded! Can only be accepted for trades
    • Boats/Rafts/Watercraft creation to sail around the island (FUN! Who doesn't like exploring!)
    • Expanded animal domestication and food production
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