Night visibility and standing torchs


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It is clear that something has to be done about night visibility, night/day duration or using the torch simultaneously with a weapon or tools. But i am not here because of that.
The players I know use the day period to go out and collect resources and return at night to the base because of the lack of visibility. we use this period to spend resources, grow crops and make some crafts.
We love to build, so we have a huge base. This leads to having a lot of standing torches to be able to do all the activities inside the base. But here begins the problem that I wanted to call your attention.
We have to manualy turn on all the standing torchs, one by one, and do the same to turn them off. This is making my friends going AFK during night period.
In my opinion, it would be a huge improvement in the quality of life if the standing torches switch on (when becomes night) and off (when becomes day) automatically on the condition that they have fuel in them
Thats my sugestion for now!

18 May 2020, 10:15Reply

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Just made torches and I agree 1000% with Badcheff here. Having the torches auto-toggle on/off to day and night cycles would be ideal. However, I'd also be ok with using E to toggle on/off the same as when riding a horse.

22 Sep 2020, 22:01Reply
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