Basic Quality of Life updates.


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1) no tutorial videos please. We don't need it, this is meant to have a minecraft esk about it.

2) extra berry bushes in the starting area to give newbs extra food to start with so we're not struggling staying alive when you start out.

3) Have mobs progressively level up away from the city so we're not dead capped by wolf at level 1

4) fishing needs adjustments. Maybe add lures, bait, or something to attract fish.

5) taming larger animals would be cool

6) chickens should not take my entire energy bar to catch and kill

7) more untuitive HuD for the creative menu

8) boats, would be cool

9) hitting boxes need to be updated.

Yes I know you're technically an unfinished game these are just suggestions for you  to think about as developers.

10 May 2020, 05:22Reply
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