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Hello, ive been playing similar games like H&H, Salem, TreeofLife and i got some basic ideas


1# add a upgrade option for accounts, i got bronze package and would love to be able to upgrade to Silver or Gold for horse or flag

2# Itemshop to buy flags, horses or cosmetics or inventory upgrades

3# *craft all* button for using the maximum amount of items to craft

4# more slots in the output window of smelters etc...

5# backpacks for more inventory slots

6# more items to buy in town or generally more NPC

7# auction house or trade market

8# the game doesnt understand the "rightShift" key so when i use left/right/up/down instead of WASD ill want to use rightshift atm i need to use AutoHotKey macro for that

9# cant set keys for the taskbar buttons its always 1-5 id love to remap those

10# Boats, simple as that its horrible moving over the map, if ur near water could use a boat for fast travel

11# Defense Bow Tower for when ur offline and someone tries to break into your base it shoots them (requires the towr to have a bow and arrows equipped)

12#  more planting, smiting, and armor recipes

13# possible boss monster requireing 3-4 ppl to kill?

14# the use of food is good, but use of food on restoring stamina is really high, could this be reduced by like 25-50%?


thats for now maybe ill find more :)

20 Apr 2020, 16:01Reply

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#1 if you pm Royall in discord you can upgrade easily, thats the info its missing on the site, sure an upgrade bottom would be nice but its easier this way.

#2 Sure, Royall needs to make money but an earlie acess game that cost 20€ (without discount) with IS its not good, people are way to burned with p2w, even worse if he add's horses that are pretty much the first thing you need to get when you start playing with the browser founder pack, perhaps in the future when the game is more advanced, not now

#6 i dont think this game needs more npc's with itens, you should be able to get everything yourself or from players, imo whats now its great, i would take the seeds npc out of there actually, since farming is the best way to make money and you dont lose the seeds when you harvest the crops you should at least get then first yourself, since you already get then from gathering fiber

#7 Check Discord - Polls tab, from the polls results, that the 2nd next big update, after bandits.

#10 Also check discord polls, is one of the next update in the list.

#11 The best AI option for offline raiding is Guards and even that was very debated because pvp fans dont like to fight AI, they prefer to do a full raid without any problem (god know why, its more fun i guess)

#13 The next big update is bandits, maybe that will be like that, lets wait and see.


The rest of the point i like then, its some basic things this game needs.

20 Apr 2020, 20:59Reply
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