Let's get some life ingame


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Okay, with the new update and all the game has gotten a complete reset, this is nice and all for new players and also veterans so we all have something to do again and don't have to be too scared some high lvl dude is gonna murder the F out of us.

Sadly it also means that the world is now empty, very empty, which is boring as hell. I propose we try to make a village somewhere on the map, a hidden village. (Where there are samurai there shall also be ninja)

Of course I'm gonna clock some more time into the game to get things started but I can't do it by myself (well I can but it'd be rather boring alone ;-;) so I'm asking the lovely community if they're up to join me and get some life back into the game! (and if you join, be sure to keep the hidden village a secret so it can stay hidden for a while)


This post would be funny to make on april fools. Making no village at all would create the best hidden village possible :V

18 Feb 2020, 05:41Reply

How many people play this game? I saw it and am interested, but the updates seem few and far apart, and there isn't any content on it anywhere. Is it worth to play in your opinion?

18 Feb 2020, 20:28Reply

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Yes game is defineltyly worth playing. We will see the impact from I think is the first official server wipe. I know i have acouple ideas where I want to build my village, a spot that is currently taken, teehee. Although the map could look totally new this time around anyway. I hope Im not working to much the first few days the next update is out. Its gonna be sweet!


18 Feb 2020, 22:19Reply
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