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Iron Nodes 

Issue - when mining an Iron node the node shrinks. if the node is on a sharp decline, you can no longer hit the node and the node becomes un-gatherable. 

suggested fix- do to the game having a set arch of swing with the pick axe and not being able to swing down or up, adjust the hit box on the iron nodes to have a slightly higher height of contact.   When the node shrinks, leave the hit box at the orignal height so that the you still have the athstetic of a shrinking node but can hit it regardless of its position. 

Combat PvE. 

Issue - when engaging with a creature, if it runs away from you and you are at a distance. Its health regenerates at a fast rate. This causes the bow to be un usuable in a PvE combat setting.  tested this on buffalos and dear. Each hit on the target is regened before the next arrow hits the target. This has happened in melee combat as well in cases where a mob drops combat and regens its health through each swing. 

suggested fix - impliment a  cdramatically increased time for a creature to exit combat once it has been hit and have this timer reset with each hit to its hp. possibly a 5-10 sec timer before its Hp begins to regenerate. this should fix your issues with energy and chasing as well if not at least make it more manageble. 

Node Ghosting. 

Issue - if gathering from bushes in an area, if you put a bit of a distance in the area and return prior to the nodes actual respawn. you will see the bush as if it has respawned from a distance. when you approach the bush, it will vanish as you get close. 

Suggested fix - possibly an issue with how the bush is stored in memory as vanished. Since the gather nodes are static. perhaps cause the node to change to a small bud once gathered as a place holder. this should prevent the ghosting. 

I will add more to this list as i play. So far a pretty great game and keep up the good work. its tough when it is just one person developing and i applaud the effort to keep at the game and keep the project moving. 


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