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1. Horse can be placed in town (would be easier to place a horse there, not only in the building zone)
2. Moving with open map (would be nice to keep moving if you keep the button pressed and open the map (if you ride a horse, jump forward and open the map, a horse stops its flight forward and falls down in place)
3. A button to auto-move (like numlock used to be in many games)
4. Friend suggested too little space (tbh if you wanted to change model you can add paid microtransactions like extra slots in inventory or backpacks/toolbelts, bag attachments for your horse :P) (You can also increase stack size of some items that are acquired in big numbers) (Actually there is a lot of options with microtransaction improvements (extra inventory slots, character gender/look/nickname change, if you decided some kind of subscription model like vip membership - better prices for trading?, i dont mean to tell that founder packs like silver or gold are bad, seems a good idea to reward those who fund you)
5. My friend mentioned some basic crafting benches (like crafting table) available in town
6. raiding or simply allowing to invade bases which are not paid would make people care about their claims and by itself play more, now if you get a claim and build a wall there is nothing that endagers you and you may lose the will to play further :P)
7. Allowing moving a horse sideways/turning with A or D, turning with your camera may have a weird feeling to riding
8. Being able to use a torch when mounted, increased light radius of a torch
9. Do you plan to make a difference between horses available? They dont seem to be different brown to black but black is a lot more expensive
10.! When you are aiming with your bow, mouse movement becomes more sensitive making it harder to aim and hit, I believe it should be the other way round and sensitivity should be decreased when aiming as precision is important here
11. When thinking about PVP raiding, I believe it is going to be too easy to raid someone even with t2 walls, actually you need to destroy one wall to get in and it feels way too easy, there are a few workarounds i believe like limit offline raiding somehow or make it harder to get inside a base, of course you can store items on your character while offline, raiding someone online whether he is in base or not seems more seems better, probably it would be a better feeling for both sides, i played a few games with raiding and the most discouraging thing people mentioned are bases that are raided offline in night hours when nobody can react, of course those are just ideas and can be tried out if they work well and can be always changed or there can be many alterations to the rules
12. Cooking recipes say add even though its craft (like dough), you may want to distinguish crafts and those recipes that need you need to ADD to an oven, also would be useful to somehow allow us to make them in bulk (if i have a lot ingredients for doughs or soy sauces to do would be cool to set a number to craft like in other categories)
13. ! Iron hoe :D
14. Hoes not breaking is intended feature?
15. Brightness setting - on some screens night is too dark so you barely can see anything
16. Is crit ingame or not yet? If it is can we somehow distinguish crit from a non crit?

Feel free to comment on our thoughts, any comments are welcome!

25 Mar 2019, 14:09Reply
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