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1. BUG? You can pick up stuff even when moving but didnt click any button (ex. jump forward, click harvest E middle jump, even if you are not close enough to it to gather, the bar still progress because you dont break the action with any click)
2. BUG? Feels like you do not need to wait until bar is full and action completed, if you decide to move when the bar is really close to the end the action is still performed (delay after you move the action is still carried out)
3. You can stack mounts you ride (you can mount one and then press E when close to another and then you ride two at a time, probably could make more, this way you can ride a lot of mounts at once (for example if you find someones horses and decide to steal them, you could just stack a lot of them at once and then just unmount all of them in your base (you dismount one by one)
4. Bug? Sometimes animals run away and keep regenerating rapidly (ex. when you shoot them with arrows) making them unkillable (probably happening when you are too far and they cant find a way to you), its most of the time okay when you are close but if you move a bit too far when trying to bait it and avoid getting hit it loses attention and just runs away, making hunting with a bow kinda useless
5. Bug? Mounts sometimes disappear (ex. if you kill yourself and run to the place it was you can't see it until you relog) (possibly fixed already)
6. bug? Shooting from close range to an attacking animal causes the arrow to fly into a random? direction into the air, like they bounced off
7. bug? Buildables ability to be destroyed seem to be based on the position of a character, not the place it is placed (when i had my walls positioned too far to the claim barrier, I couldnt do damage to walls from the inside, but I could damage them from the outside)
8. Bug? When you stay in one place (for example near a tree) and you try to cut it, you waste 15 energy or so, but you stay in one place so you regenerate it but it doesnt take the food to regenerate probably because of its too small value, if you know that it makes your gathering practically without a waste
9. Sometimes you can unsheath your weapon/tool when on a horse
10.You can hear a horse riding when you are on water
11.Animation of cutting wood - sometimes you take hp when clicking, not after animation ends
12.sometimes iron ores texture get smaller when chipping so you cant hit it when you are above the level it is placed or the same level and need to get somehow lower than it is placed to actually hit it
13. sometimes when switching i believe the weapon dissapears from hands but you can still hit with it, its just invisible until relog
14. When you try to delete a tool you have equipped (its 0 durability) it like targets another thing in your equipment but you usually dont look into the message and destroy something more valuable from your inventory (I believe it always targets an item in the upper right corner of your inventory)
15. bug? When you harvest a fiber and move a bit farther the grass seems to be there and its deceptive because when you get really close to already picked up grass it fades and you dont really know where you have been already and where you didnt pick up without getting close, same goes for trees, dont know if its affected by minimal settings set to the game
16. bug? You can do a few actions simultaneously (chopping wood+ eating, chopping wood + gathering, clicking doesnt break action of gathering), i dont know if its intended
17. Shortcuts are bound to places in eq, not the item - if you have shortcut bar set on an item and then you swap item with something else the bound shortcut changes too
18. If you are fast you are able to glitch the farms, you can place another one close to the previous one if you click before the first one spawns, instead of two taking 6x3, you can make two take 4x3, update: checked and you can also place two in one spot this way and sow seeds on both
19. If the base corners are not set perfectly and there is a little hole, animals can freely pass through even its not possible for them to fit, they go through the corner wall

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