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Hey, I've noted down some stuff I noticed that might be cool to be added/fixed. Some of them are important, some would increase the quality of life in my opinion, but nothing forced. (Although it would be cool to fix bugs )

1. <CRUCIAL> Items with durability which are put into containers are degraded to 0 durability (didn't try with armor, tools and weapons)

1. Would be nice to have some messages when disconnecting from the server/when failing to connect (cause of the dc/fail)

1. Tilling animation is not shown when you start to make another farm tile too fast after the previous one
2. Sometimes (presumably because of lags) it breaks an action that you started, even though you don't move or do other actions (Update: it happens where a lag occurs and you are able to click E on a field to harvest twice, second click breaks the first one probably
3. Day/night cycle transitions feel glitchy, not smooth, it feels like bright/dark shows up several times at a short period of time
4. (I think it might got fixed last update) When you entered the server you were able to use your item really fast in succession like hitting with your sword 20 times in a 3s period (same thing happened when lag occur in combat, you would get hit 10 times in 1s and die)
5. Rarely it teleported you back in place you were 20s ago, possibly fixed with 0.1.31
6. Buying stuff in bulk
7. (Feels important) Sometimes (presumably when the equipment is full but might not be the case) when changing weapon/tool slots, one gets bugged, new one is taken into hand, old one stays at your back, making you have 2 tools at once. When you want to use a tool/weapon that stays on your back, you can't see the animation of taking it into hands, it still stays on your back. You can still use them, but you can't see the animation, making it especially hard when using weapons to hit.

8. I know it is meant to add one item at a time to skill cooking, but feels really burdensome when you dont need cooking exp anymore and have to pick up items one by one while having a lot of them (a tick to let the player decide if he wants bulk or not?)

9. Crafting dough uses not only water, but the bucket also. Feels weird - make the bucket harder to craft (wood + nails or sth) but don't make it destroy the buckets?


1. Cool to see amount of items you have in equipment while crafting, not just 5/5 but xx/5 - easier to see how much can you craft


1. Might be cool if opening a container will open your inventory as well
2. Cool to move items in the container without need to take it to your inventory
3. Cool for containers/inventory not overlapping in the middle
4. Possibility to close the chest by moving

1. Possessions of another clan could be "locked" or "hidden". Right now you can't loot anything, but you can search through it, feels weird. Another idea is it could be taken if not protected by walls, but the person stealing could be somehow affected negatively for the wrongdoings. Another idea - reputation system

1. If its not hard to do - if someone has full eq and (as an example) 18 logs of wood and cut down a tree to find another 4, would be nice to be able to pick up 2 to fill the stack, leaving the rest in the tree.
2. Would be cool to still be able to use crafting when on full eq, when the craft uses up your material slot to craft another item, replacing the material with the crafted item

1. Locking the shortcuts while on chat(?) - When you use the chat and use a hotkey for something else it opens up even though you don't mean it (like E for crafting table)
2. Chat still scrolls if i do not use it anymore


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1. Should be fixed by now


1. Good idea!


1. Haven't noticed this, will look into it
2. Haven't noticed this, will look into it
3. Probably because when someone logs in, the server time get resynced again and the day-night cycle will correct. Need to have a look at why this desync happens
4. Should be fixed by now
5. Should only happen with real lag spikes which looks like is fixed
6. Good idea!
7. Should be fixed by now
8. Will have a new look at this once I revamp the profession system
9. Same as above


1. Good idea!


1. Good idea!
2. Already on the to-do list
3. What do you mean?
4. You can also press Escape


1. Already on the to-do list


1. Good idea!
2. What do you mean?


1. Known bug
2. What do you mean?

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