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GameHackers ♦ Official thread


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What/who are the GameHackers?
GameHackers will be an active guild a couple of weeks after the official game release.

• First of all, we are nerds.
• We are an "max-focusing" guild, where guildmembers work together to reach maxed gear and skills and to fight the strongest opponents (pve & pvp) possible in-game.
• We strive for a good game economy, but only if it is managed by us. If not, the economy will be bad, because we will be doing everything we can to turn it into our favor.
• We are friendly and respectful, we love and we care. Why? Because you will do the same, because you will fear us if you don´t.
• We claim what belongs to us, even if you are the current owner of it. However; you will always be given a very nice offer for your loss of the ownership.


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I just noticed that replies cannot be edited. May an forum administrator please change/"fix" this? Thank you in advance.

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Nice i have 2 villages solo and will play later to have 3 one :P

15 Nov 2017, 18:31Reply