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Greetings,and welcome to Midori Ken,s thread.

This thread was made to explain the clan,s concept to you,and ofcource,for recruiting aswell.


-=Midori Ken?=-

-Loyalty,Honor,Iron Will-

Midori Ken was founded around 5 years ago,in another,samurai themed game(not by me,though).When i joined this clan,i started as a regular member,became the leaders right hand,and a few years later,i became the leader and was taking this position very seriously for over 1 year.The clan became something like a second family,we had clan meetings,a homepage,a clan storage that we organized by ourself...But a few days ago,i decided to leave the game behind.Its a very long story,but in short,there was a lot of drama.Still,the clan is very precious to me,so i want to continue midori ken,s story in this game and rebuild the clan according to my own ideals.


-=Is this clan the right one for me,and what are the requirements?=-

The clans goal is,to gain as much land and influence as possible,while maintaining its morale standards and core values as a military force.With that beeing said,its obvious that we will be a very politically oriented clan.We will be involved in wars and take part in clan meetings.Also,we will be a neutral clan,so we can maintain our independence and save us trouble that could arise from conflicts that are not our business.


The requirements:

1)You should be able to speak english properly.It doesnt have to be your native language(its not my native language either)and you dont need to use extraordinary grammar all the time,but its important that people can understand you clearly.If we plan a war,and a order isnt beeing understood,it can be a real problem when the war starts.

2)There is no age requirement,but you should be able to act like a mature person.Trolling,flaming and cursing should be kept to a minimum or dont exist at all.This doesnt mean that there is no time for fun and jokes,but there is a limit for everything and a time aswell(fooling around in a clan meeting can make us look unprofessional).

3)You are not allowed to kill innocent people for no reason.Though,you also dont have to hunt playerkillers(but you can do it,if you want).

4)You have no problem to follow orders.We will be a dictatoric clan with strict rules and a chain of command.The more you do for the clan,the more power you will get inside the clan.Respect your superior and follow his orders.This is important to ensure that the whole clan structure is working correctly.

5)You should at least tollerate RP.Taking part in RP is not a requirement but highly encouraged in our clan.



-Midori Ken,s clan symbol is a green fist.

-The clan color is green.

-Loyalty is a core value.

-RP wise,we serve our daimyo,lord daichi.

-We are a clan with strict rules,but every clan member is like a brother/sister.

-Midori Ken means,,green county''.


If you have questions about the clans history,rules,goals or if you want to become a clan member,you can send me a message ingame or on discord.

Strenght trough unity,honor trough loyalty.

27 Dec 2016, 23:36Reply

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I would love to join your clan but you are never online. 

31 Dec 2016, 14:05Reply

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Im online daily,normally,but propably not at the same time youre online.


By the way,welcome to the clan,PeKu and Meids.

01 Jan 2017, 07:34Reply

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Greeting all I'm Mattsoncumbae, Matt or Mattson will be fine. I'm a Long time member of our Clan On Straw Hat Samurai Deuls and I'm the Curent Leader of the clan there after Tameshi (I'm the 6th Leader of the clan on SHSD). I was his 3rd Second in Command Prior to being Leader. I have a long character story wich I will share eventually. Its the same as what I used in SHSD and I will use it here as well. I hope to be as of much service as I was to Tameshi as I was in SHSD here as well. Glad to meet every one ^^ Look forward to chatting and playing the game. ^^

03 Jan 2017, 10:32Reply

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Good to see you here,mattson.

04 Jan 2017, 11:58Reply

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Welcome to the clan,belleina,losonosanto and iron.

Now we are 6!

05 Jan 2017, 17:52Reply
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