Golden Dragon


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I am alone at the moment with a base with three flags. Golden Dragon is a friendly non PK Clan. This Clan only attacks if we are beeing attackt or PKs hit noobs. Focus is crafting and trading. I will use the pre alpha and alpha to find a few officers to work together. A small group of people who trusted each other and build a base and learn the clan features. After the release these small active group of players recruit some more players and grow up. This Clan is international iam coming from Germany.

Of course we dont have enough content to play 24/7 but it would be nice if this small group comes online to play. No must to that every day or much hours. After release we play more but Real Life is more important and other hobbys. So wie an casual clan but active.


I hope you can understand all, my english is bad :) Post here or talk to me ingame.

27 Sep 2016, 12:33Reply

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He is a good man ^^ Trust him ( He told me that he is a girl though .. :P

27 Sep 2016, 17:21Reply

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Sounds good Yir! Can I join? I don't have much history with gaming and guilds however I have military and leading background so I should be able to function in a team haha ;)

Haven't played the actual game yet tho, unfortunately this week (weekend included) is too hectic for me to have time for anything else but to surf the forums, however starting from week 40 I should have time to dive in more...

Then there's my flamboyant intro lol:

27 Sep 2016, 19:12Reply

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Hi...just joined 3 days ago been playin alone(well non-english players do come online....really hard to communicate with em) ..wud like to join your clan.. hope you r not looking for founders only cuz m not m a free player .. m from India,Asia..^^ 

12 Oct 2016, 19:55Reply
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