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Hello World!

    SixRedCats here. I've been enjoying RPGs for the last 20 years. After following this ones progress through royall on twitch, I think this ones potential is great. I have a dual degree in graphics/advertising and watching the streamlining/problem solving thought processes on a 3D world run their course first hand has been amazing. Most of what I do is 2d in nature but lots of the design elements/problem parallel each other. I know how demanding just 2d projects can be so, I'm in awe of you and your Spartan teams dedication to a whole 3D world. If you need more publicity, and don't have the time to create/poster it yourselves; May I suggest offering some alpha passes to some credible youtubers/twitch streamers and let them get the word out. They might not cost anything if they have genuine interest. I'm pretty sure there is a page on each of the respective sites where you can see what each streamer/tuber makes. Select A viewer range/personality that fits your need or budget. Keep it up guys and glhfdd 😅

19 Aug 2016, 04:01Reply
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